Regional Ambassadors

The Georgia Chapter Board of Officers has placed a renewed focus on the Regional Ambassador Program. The Board recognizes the Regional Ambassadors and this program as a vital part of our Chapter’s succes and future growth.
The Regional Ambassadors have established the following mission statement and goals.

The mission statement is:

We are dedicated to providing an effective channel of communication between our membership and Board of Officers. We are committed to providing training, networking, and other resource materials to public safety constituents of our regions. We are organized, trained and committed to effectively recruiting members from every area of public safety that are eligible for membership in APCO, International and its Georgia Chapter. We will work to accomplish our mission in a manner that inspires the trust and confidence of all that we serve.

The program’s goals are:

  1. to establish an open line of communications between and among our membership and its Board of Officers;
  2. to facilitate the education of other public safety communications personnel with regards to APCO, International and its Georgia Chapter in terms of mission, purpose, and benefits;
  3. to recruit other public safety communications personnel to join APCO and take advantage of the training, networking, and services that we provide;
  4. to establish a sense of community among public safety communications personnel in an effort to share ideas, programs, and resources with each other; and
  5. to assist the chapter’s leadership with setting the organizations legislative agenda and establishing official positions on issues affecting emergency communications in Georgia.

Program Structure

There are currently six (6) regions as listed below. Each region is assigned a Regional Ambassador to serve as a point of contact for membership and the Board of Officers.

Currently, the Regional Ambassadors in each region are:

Northwest Georgia: Jason Lawson, Troup County E-911
Northeast Georgia: Kim Bond, Hall County E-911 / Wendra Williams, Walton County E-911
Metro Atlanta: Ladebra Milton, Cobb County E-911 / Marcia Navarro, Atlanta Airport
Southwest Georgia: VACANT
Southeast Georgia: Jessica Nale, Augusta E-911
Middle Georgia VACANT

For more information on the Regional Ambassador Program, please contact Jonathan Jones.